Muzo AKA Alphonso Shocks the Kwacha Music Awards

During the speech, Muzo Aka Alphonso left the crowd in shock at the just concluded Kwacha Music Awards when he went on stage to receive his award for Best Artiste Northern Province.

Instead of just receiving the award and thanking his fans or supporters like every one else, the Kasama Swag rapper said something totally out of topic, he said that he slept naked the night before, “Mailo Nalele Ubwamba“.

The meaning or purpose of his short bizarre speech only he could explain??

Check it out below:

Mr WeedMan

Mr WeedMan

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  1. pipo. Muzo speaks metaphorical, I wonder why Zambians fail to understand easily.
    Meaning behind “MAILO NALELE UBWAMBA” Was very clear.
    He it means a lot. Only Intelligent minds can interpret his speech.
    Muzo is the Best of All Zed Rappers.
    He always knows what he does.

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